Stemi Dv4 Stage

Stemi DV4

Robust and resilient technology, easy operation of all basic functional elements and generosity in terms of sharpness and brightness of the images.

Rutine and laboratory

Stemi 2000 Stage

Stemi 2000C

The stereomicroscope with compact zoom is designed for use in scientific research and development, as well as preparatory work in education and training.


Stereo Discovery V8 Stage

SteREO Discovery.V8

Gateway to sophisticated stereoscopic microscopes.

Stereo Discovery V12 Stage

SteREO Discover.V12

Carl zeiss expands the limits of stereoscopic microscope images with high contrast and a significant increase in image information.

Stereo Discovery V20 Stage

SteREO Discovery.V20

This innovative product with the principles design cmo extended a new trial for the future of stereoscopic microscopes cmo.

Zoom microscope

Axio Xoom V16

Axio Zoom.V16

Zoom microscope contain a brighter fluorescence, and with wider fields, also contain a 16 zoom combination with a numerical aperture na o.25