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Tension and compression machines

Shimadzu has different types of Universal machines, which have the appropriate skills for your needs. At the same time are able to make a test tension, compression, bending, and shear adhesion.

Electromechanical Table and Floor

AG-X Plus Series System with high load precision and speed, more accurate and high technology in the market, models table of 10 N (1 kg) to 50 kN (5 Ton), floor models 20 kN (2 tons) to 300 kN (30 Ton), self-diagnosis system, USB memory, allowing the realization independent testing with multiple users, also has a greater rigidity, guaranteed reliability and the best safety equipment. This machine do not requires a special cementation, you can obtain the best response with a speed test of 0.0005 1000 mm / min., digital touch screen panel lets the machine work without a computer, Trapezium X software for standard and automatic tests, open license for “N” computers, Spanish and other languages.

Ideal for Testing metals, textiles, wood, adhesives, ceramics, fabric, rubber, etc.

Model AG-IC

The most accurate and high technology on the market, ideal for research laboratories, development, quality control and production.

  • Table models of 20 kN (2 tons) and 50 kN (5 Ton)
  • Floor models from10 kN (1 ton) to 300 kN (30 tons)
  • 0.0005 Test Speed ​​1000 mm / min
  • Greater rigidity, which ensures the best reliability and safety of the machine requires no special foundation.
  • Trapezium X Software, for the standard and automatic tests, open license for “N” computers, with Spanish language and more.
  • Machines with low cost and excellent performance.

Model AGS-X

The machine capacity is 10kN (1Ton) with different load cells from 5N (.5 Kg) a 10 kN (1 Ton), with digital control panel of load and crosshead position and the interaction programs making with Trapezium light or X software. That also has a test speed with 1 or 0.5% of indicated heat load cell with resolution 1/1 to 1/500.

Ideal for plastics material testing, polymers, paper, rubber, food, assemblies, breakout and soft materials.

Single Column Machining

Model EZ Test

Compact system from 1N (0.1Kg) to 5 kN (500 kg) capacity, digital lector of load and position, computation option with 2 or X Trapezium software, and also have a variety of devices.

Recommended for applications in pharmaceuticals, adhesives, food, cosmetics, plastics, assembly, and release small parts.

Servo Hydraulic Machines

Model UH Series

Frame capacity of 200 kN (20 tons) to 500 kN (50 tons), closed loop system, which allows better control of the machine and the option to handle with the Trapezium computer system and software 2, digital panel Touch-screen, simplifies and enhances the operation.

Ideal for compression testing, bending, double cycles, metallic material and wood.