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Rockwell Normal and Superficial Hardness Tester

A hardness tester is a device that measures the hardness of the material, there are several procedures to make this measurement.

The most used are those of Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Microvickers. It applies a standard feature on a penetrator, also standard, which produces and imprint on the material. Depending on the degree of depth or size of the footprint, get the hardness.

Within each of these procedures, there are various combinations of loads and penetrators, which will be used depending on the sample to be tested.

Types of Rockwell Hardness

Normal Rockwell Hardness: Used as a cone of diamond tip (in some cases steel bar). It is the most widespread since the hardness is obtained by direct measurement and is suitable for all kinds of materials. It was generally considered a non-destructive testing by the small size of the footprint. Applied loads of 60, 100 and 150 Kg.

Superficial Rockwell Hardness: There is a variant of the test, called Rockwell superficial, for the characterization of very thin pieces, such as razors or layers of materials that have received some treatment of superficial hardening. Apply loads of 15.30 and 45 Kg.