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METKON cutting machines are abrasive cutting machines, that there are ideal for metallographic samples, that offering perfect solutions for efficient, versatile and high-quality cutting.


Is an abrasive cutting machine with microprocessor controlled, and has a front panel with touch-pad controls.

  • 3 kW compact motor
  • Cutting capacity up 115/ 90mm
  • Cut-off wheels up to Ø250/350 mm
  • Includes a standard set of cutting consumables


Is a abrasive cutting machine used to cut a very wide range of materials. It could be Automatic or Manual depends in your necessity.

  • Spacious cutting chamber
  • Programmed with colorful touch screen HMI
  • Automatic control cutting and cutting  pulse


Abrasive cutting machine, handwheel driven chop cutting and cutting systems feed table with manual positioning of the specimen in the X axis and Y axis.

  • 7.5 kW cutting motor.
  • Cutting speed of 600-2400 rpm.
  • Cutting capacity up to 130/150 mm solid stock
  • Chopper wheels until Ø350 / 400mm


Automatic cutter grinding machine programmable control with 7 “Touch Screen HMI with cutting wheel driven chop cutting systems and feed table with several cutting methods.

  • 11 kW cutting motor.
  • Cutting speed of 600-2400 rpm
  • Cutting capacity up to 146/180 mm solid stock
  • Chopper wheels until Ø432 / 500mm