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The FORCIPOL Series of grinding and polishing machines offer practical and economical solutions to your metallographic sample preparation needs.

It is available with a single wheel or double wheel, with a capacity to accommodate chucks sandpaper and polishing cloths 200, 250, and 300mm. Both versions are available with variable speed controlled from a digital display.

It is ideal for medium size labs where consistent result are desired.



Device designed to automate the polishing. FORCIMAT automatic head provides high rate of sample preparation and frees the user from the process of grinding and polishing. FORCIMAT is microprocessor controlled and was designed for medium-sized laboratories, where consistent results are required.


DIGIPREP preparation systems are designed for fully automated metallographic sample preparation for consistent and reproducible specimen quality.

Also has the ability to store and recall skills programs on LCD, same consistent results.

Digiprep Accura

It is a preparation system with powerful design of solid framework in two columns, it is suitable for 250 mm and 300 mm in diameter. The sample preparation is programmable control, also has touch screen with a base of 1.5 HP motor.

  • Wheel Revolutions variable is 50-600 rpm.
  • Variable sample holder of 50-150 rpm.
  • 100 Watt DC Motor