The imaging software for microscopy and reliable documentation in materials science.

Axiovision features segmentation tools, interactive measurements and automatic that permitted you to get reliable results in the analysis of materials, work flows well-structured and easy to understand, allowing the generation of databases and custom reports.

Axiovision modules

Analyzing Grains

Grain Sizes

Grain size analysis according to the rules:
DIN EN ISO 643, ASTM E 112, ASTM E 1382.



Analysis graphite
Gray Iron: spheroidal graphite
Iron foil type: Graphite sheet
SinterCast: Nodularity and vermicular graphite
Standards: DIN 50601, ASTM E112

Analyzing Phases

Analysis Phase

Detects particles in multiphase images and measured parameters such as size, shape and orientation.


Layers Measurement

Module to measure layers – automatic or interactive Measurement – Layers simp les and complex.

  • Measurement interactive single layers.
  • Measurement of up to 20 layers.
  • Representation of results sheets, and statistical evaluation.

Measurement Calotte
Module to measure layer thicknesses according to the technique Calotte grinding.

  • Measurement of single and multilayer samples.
  • Determination of as interactive layers using measuring circles.
  • Automatic calculation of the layer thickness.


It’s a module to create heights maps starting with Z stack images captured interactively or recording images of different levels that approach.
The Height information is determined from the position of the focus motor drive


No Metallic Inclusions

Used to determine the content of non-metallic inclusions in steel automatically.
Supports standards: EN 10247, DIN 50602, ASTM E45, ISO 4967, JIS G0


Particle Analysis

Classification system of particles automatically
Supports all national and international norms and standards, including ISO 4406, ISO 16232, VDA 19, among other.